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This is the 21st Century, The Century of Education, Knowledge in Science, Information - Technology, Management and Medical area which is possible only through good and well equipped Lab. holder Colleges along with the other facilities providing to the students 'the learners who used to come to get Admissions in these colleges for their further studies. It is the moral duties of the Education Institutions to provide the connected education with the Essential Practical to the Learner Students along with the non educational activities for the better performance and nice results by which they can fight to success in their life to choose their bright future.

As we all knows that from the very beginning of the childhood, while a child start his/her education, he/she became taught and learn by their teachers and the teachers who start to teach to the child from Nursery to Senior Secondary Education they are required to get not only Graduation/Post Graduation Degree but also required to get An Educational Degree, i.e. Diploma in Education or Bachelor in Education as well as Master in Education Degree to provide proper education to the students concern.

The Indian Govt. has established a saperate body N.C.T.E. to provide the Supervision and Recognition to such Educational Institutions for the better performance and the D .Ed., M.Ed., B.P. Ed. and many other courses are successfully running control of the N.C.T.E.

Our Institution I.C. College of Education situated at Sagar Tal Road, Bahodapur, Gwalior is also established for the same purpose to provide. The Best Educational Education to the concern students (would be or working teachers).


The general Aims of the College of Education is to prepare the students to assume responsible in preventive, promotive and curative care of the learner or working teachers by which they can be act as a well qualified and trained teacher to teach the students. They are prepared to assume first level positions in all areas of study and are expected to participate in teaching and managerial function as well. The specific objective are as follow :

  1. To meet the acute shortage of qualified teaching personnel in the state of M.P. as well as country in general.
  2. To promote and strengthen the Teacher's skills for better competence in teaching profession in general.
  3. To produce Better Teachers for Administration and Education in the Schools as well as Offices for better implementation of the National Education Programme.
  4. To provide qualified teachers to the country to cope with advancement in Educational and management field.
  5. To enable them to get Job Opportunities at economically better positions in this age.
  6. Working together we help to achieve increased confidence and capability in the students of the college.
  7. To train students to improve creativity and technical skills.
  8. To provide combination of Practical Learning in Schools and Laboratories with class room teaching.
  9. To train the Learner's/Students to control the students of their class with lovely process by which they can have a good command over their students. while they would be studying in their classes.


The name of the Governing Society/Committee is 'Ku. Divya Bahuuddeshiya Shiksha Prasa Avam Samaj Kalyan Samiti, It is a Non-Government Voluntary Organization located at Teh. Jaura Distt. Morena M.P.' It was Constituted and Registered as a Registered Society under the M.P. Society Registration Act 1973. The main Object of the Society are Establish and Run the Schools, Colleges i.e. Schools up to 12th Standard and Colleges 'Educational College, Business Management College, Nursing College, Para Medical College, Agriculture College, Physical College and other Technical and Professional Institutions in various Sector of the society. The Main Aims of the Society are to promote rural and slum section of the society and particularly development process in rural and urban areas along with maintaining transparency and professionalism with an eye for better performance and social accountability. The main rule and Objectives of the Society in education field are :

  1. To create Awareness for Education in Slum & Poor part of the Society.
  2. To establish and promote high quality, Educational, Technical, Professional, Health Environmental, Nursing, Para-Medical & other Educational and research Centre with the Best Technology Faculty and Equipment.
  3. To Provide an Environment for an effective interaction with society to serve the society.
  4. To establish an effective linkage between the Institution, Industries, Public and Research and Devlopment Organizations.
  5. To ensure Job Opportunity/Placements to the students.
  6. To provide and insight knowledge to improve student's personality for their bright future and to provide basic Ideas about manufacturing progress and skills of the students concern with this society.


This College, I.C. College of Education, Sagar Tal Road, Bahodapur, Gwalior Instituted at the time when there is an actual need to have quality in Education and Improvement in Education System in the state of M.P. The college has its own building of around 16000 sq.ft. in total area in campus and the society is going to construct its own other college building on the land purchased for the same purpose having more than five acres of land in the city area. The institute provide insight and knowledge to improve students personality. We already providing courses, that is continuously improving and focused on new ideas and skills to improve Education to the students in concern courses up to higher secondary level which are recognized by the Govt. of M.P. and concerned board of secondary education M.P. Bhopal. We providing the conceptual knowledge through highly qualified and experienced staff, rich and updated library and practical knowledge in well equipped and furnished laboratories.

  1. To provide and insight knowledge to improve student's personality for their bright future
  2. Working together we help to achieve increased confidence and capability in the students of the college.
  3. To train students to improve creativity and technical skills.
  4. To provide basic ideas about manufacturing progress and skills.
  5. To provide combination of practical learning in Hospitals and Laboratories and Educational Schools with class room teaching.
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