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Rules & Regulation



  1. Every student admitted to the D. Ed course shall have to follow rules and regulations of the College.
  2. Every student will have to attend classes and practical work regularly as per the University/Board requirements.
  3. In case of illness pre permission shall have to be obtained from the principal to remain absent from studies.
  4. Rules and regulations of the hostel shall have to be followed and order of the warden will have to be adhered to.
  5. Every student shall have to remain in the hostel. Staying outside the hostel will not be allowed. Parents or guardians of the students may appoint any body as local guardian if so desired. In case of appointment of local guardian, the entire personal data along with the photograph of local guardian will have to be submitted. On the request of local guardian, if a student is allowed to go out of the hostel, the responsibility will be of the parents who have appointed the local guardian.
  6. The local guardian can see their ward on Sundays only. In case of emergency, pre permission shall have to ge obtained from the warden.
  7. The students will be allowed to go for shopping once in a month or on a holiday.
  8. All students shall have to follow rules and regulations of the college and hostel. No student will be provided any extra facilities nor requests will be entertained for providing in rooms electric applicances, extra almirah, stool, chair etc. other than provided by the college.
  9. Two days per week are reserved for creative works.
  10. Original certificates will be returned at the time of leaving the college.


All the students will have to abide strictly by the rules and regulations of the college and hostel during their studies enforced from time to time. Any violation will be strictly dealt with. The Principal reserves the right to rusticate students found indulging in acts prejudicial to the interest of the institute or involved in gross in discipline or immoral act.


The candidate admitted for studies in D.Ed. are bound to wear the uniform ordered by the institution. Presently the uniform includes pink Kurta and white Salwar or pink Saree for the girls and light pink paint with white shirt for boys students. white stockings and white shoes. If necessary the uniform can be changed by the college management at any time.


In case of any dispute decision of the Principal will be final and binding and if necessary in any case the territorial jurisdiction for suing shall be limited to Gwalior only.


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